KILIAN establishes the CARPE NOCTEM Collection with the launch of its latest fragrance, DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’. Unpredictable, intense and irresistibly aristocratic, the scent joins BLACK PHANTOM ‘MEMENTO MORI’ to make formidable partners-in-crime, ready to take on the evening’s excesses.

BLACK PHANTOM ‘MEMENTO MORI’ honors the haunting, ancient motto of pirates— remember death—as well as their libation of predilection: dark coffee with a decadent dash of rum.

DARK LORD ‘EX TENEBRIS LUX’ assumes a different sort of spin, yet no less in the wild of night. A head-twisting mix of shadows and light, it seduces in seconds with its elegant, longlasting accords of leather and strong vetiver, its jasmine drenched in rum, and a dandyish entrance of bergamot and pepper. From darkness, into light.

Who is the ideal partner-in-crime? “A night owl, adventurous and unpredictable,” says Kilian Hennessy