Kilian Shower gel ressource Intoxicated


Shower gel ressource Intoxicated

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The shower gel is the first layer of your perfuming ritual, with its light yet effective lathering. The fragrance is true to itself and, when shower gel, body lotion and perfume are used in a three-part layering ritual, the perfume trail is profound, prolonged and absolutely pitch perfect. Inexplicably addictive, Intoxicated curbs craving like a cup of rich Turkish coffee, laced with green cardamom–both in oil and absolute–doubling the addictive stronghold of this stimulating substance. Warmth rises like stream with a spicy cinnamon and hallucinogenic nutmeg. At its base, like at the bottom of a delicate porcelain mug, floats the crystallized sweetness of caramelized sugar. Gourmand Coffee Harmony PERFUMER Calice Becker True luxury should last a lifetime, and as such, all by KILIAN objects are designed to be refilled. Following several years of fastidious development, a shower gel and body lotion have been custom-formulated with uncompromising respect for the quality and integrity of each fragrance blend.

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