Personal Data and Cookies Policy

Date of last update: 27/03/2017

The following policy has been established by 24 Sèvres, a company that sells luxury goods for women on the Internet under the name 24 Sèvres (hereinafter called “24 Sèvres”) in relation to personal data and cookies on the websites (hereinafter called the “Websites”) and the La Carte 24 Sèvres loyalty programme (hereinafter called the “Programme”) used by three companies: 24 Sèvres, Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche and La Grande Epicerie de Paris (hereinafter called “Groupe Le Bon Marché”).

The policy applies to all information provided by yourself, or collected by 24 Sèvres during navigation.

24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché respect your concerns with regard to the confidentiality of the information you provide us with. By giving us your personal information and data, you consent to let us use, study and possibly disclose such information and data in your sole interest, in particular to process your newsletter subscriptions and product orders on the Website. As a result, you should read this policy very carefully.

1. General information

When using the Website, you may be required to provide 24 Sèvres with your personal data, especially when registering on the Website, placing an order or subscribing to a newsletter or the loyalty program.

Any information of a personal nature that you may provide to 24 Sèvres in order to use certain services is governed by the provisions of the French Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended by the act of 6 August 2004.

24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché may collect certain information concerning your navigation on the Website. Said data is collected in pursuance of the terms and conditions of article 5 “Cookies” of this Policy.

2. Right to access, amend, remove and oppose data processing

You have the right to access, amend and remove any personal data concerning you, as well as the possibility of opposing the processing of such data, at any time. You can thus manage your subscription to the various Newsletters in your personal space on the www.24Sè website. You can also unsubscribe using the unsubscription link inserted in each communication sent by 24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché.

Any request concerning the right to access, amend or remove personal data concerning you should be sent to the following dedicated address: or relationsclientele@lebonmarché.com

You can also send a request concerning the management of your personal data on the Website by post to the following address:
24 Sèvres, 22 Rue Violet, 75015 Paris
Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Customer Relations Service, 24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris.

3. Management of personal data by 24 Sèvres and Groupe Le Bon Marché

3.1 Purpose of data collection

Through the Website, 24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché collect and process personal data required solely for the following purposes:

  • Management of subscription and unsubscription to Newsletters
  • Processing and tracking of orders placed on the Website
  • Anonymous statistical calculations concerning traffic on the Website
  • Access to certain functions on the Website.
  • With your prior consent, sending of information relating to 24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché, its news, products and services as well as commercial messages and personalized offers.
  • Carrying out investigations and surveys with your consent.

When collecting data of a personal character, the information required for the above purposes and which is needed to respond to your requests is indicated with an asterisk (mainly civil status, family name, given name, postal address, email address and bank details). If you have not completed the compulsory fields, we will not be able to respond to your requests.

3.2 Data retention

The data is kept for a period that does not exceed the length of time required for the following purposes:

  • Newsletter: your data is kept as long as your subscription is active.
  • Order: the data required to process your order is kept for the length of time necessary to establish a right or contract.
3.3 Recipient of data

All the personal data collected on our Website is intended for 24 Sèvres and/or Groupe Le Bon Marché (for subscriptions to the Groupe Le Bon Marché Newsletters and Loyalty Program exclusively).

When processing orders, the data must be transferred to other companies on behalf of 24 Sèvres.

Whatever the circumstances, 24 Sèvres will only transfer your data to other companies in the following specific cases:

  • 24 Sèvres is required to transfer your personal data to a third party in relation to requests you have made;
  • 24 Sèvres has received your express consent to transfer the data to a third party;
  • 24 Sèvres is summoned by a judicial authority to transfer said data to an administrative or judicial authority.

Within the framework of an order made directly with a Retailer that sells its products directly on the Website (order sold and sent by the Retailer), the personal data collected will be transferred to the Retailer in order to fulfill its obligations. In this case, the processing of personal data will be subject to the Retailer’s confidentiality policy.

Likewise, you may subscribe to the Retailer’s Newsletter. The processing of personal data relating to the Retailer’s Newsletters will be subject to the Retailer’s confidentiality policy.

3.4 Data security and confidentiality

24 Sèvres and Groupe Le Bon Marché have done everything necessary to take all useful precautions to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal data processed, to prevent such data from being deformed, damaged or destroyed and to prevent any unauthorized third parties from having access to your data. All the security features used are state-of-the-art, particularly with respect to information systems.

Insofar as 24 Sèvres and Groupe Le Bon Marché cannot control all risks associated with Internet operations, the attention of Internet users is drawn to the potential risks inherent to using the Internet and its operation.

4. “Send to a friend” functions and data collected concerning third parties

You have the possibility of entering the details of a third party when making your order (e.g. gift). In this case, the person’s data provided will only be used by 24 Sèvres to process the order.

In this respect, you warrant 24 Sèvres that the third party whose data you have entered has been informed that you have provided us with data concerning them.

5. Cookies

5.1 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that can be stored in a dedicated space on the hard disk of your Terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone) by the web browser you use to consult our Website, according to the choices saved in your browser concerning cookies. The Cookie file enables the web server to identify the Terminal on which it is saved during the period of validity or registration of the Cookie.

When you browse the Website, data concerning the navigation of your Terminal on our Website may be saved in Cookie files stored on your terminal.

When you visit the Website for the first time and 24 Sèvres wants to save a Cookie on your Terminal, you are warned by an information banner at the top of the page. If you continue to navigate the Website after the banner has been displayed, you expressly consent to the use of cookies by 24 Sèvres.

You can change the cookie settings at any time. Below you will find more information concerning cookies and how you can manage cookie settings.

5.2 Cookies on the Website

Depending on the choices saved on your browser, navigation on our Website can result in various cookies being stored on your terminal, so that 24 Sèvres can recognize your terminal’s browser throughout the period of validity of the cookie.

The cookies we store on your browser can:

  • establish statistics and volumes for traffic and use of the various Website components (items and content visited, navigation pathways), so that 24 Sèvres can make its services more pertinent and ergonomic;
  • adapt the presentation of our Website to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your navigation of the Website, according to the display and reading hardware and software used by your terminal;
  • insofar as you have provided us with your personal data, particularly your email address during your registration on the website, placing of your Order or when accessing our services, associate this data with your navigation data in order to send you email offers or display personalized advertisements which may be of particular interest to you on your terminal, in the advertising spaces we provide;
  • insofar as you have provided personal data concerning you, especially your email address, during your registration on the Website or when accessing one of the services provided by 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché, associate this data with navigation information about your terminal in order to send you, for example, 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché email offers and display advertisements based on your interests via our network of selected advertisers;
  • store information relating to a form you have filled in on the Website (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information you have chosen on the Website (service subscribed to, content of a shopping cart, etc.);
  • provide access to reserved, personal spaces on the Website such as your account, using the ID or data you have provided on an earlier occasion;
  • implement security measures, for example, such as being asked to connect to a content or service again after a lapse of time;
  • fight against Internet fraud (prevention of fraud concerning means of payment, stolen ID, etc.). In this respect, 24 Sèvres or its service providers acting on its behalf and in respect of your rights, can store cookies in order to collect information relating to the terminal used to make the Order (especially the operating system used, the location of the terminal, whether or not a proxy is used, etc.). These cookies combined with your Order data are used to validate your Order, the payment method used and the delivery method requested.
5.3 Cookies stored due to third party applications on the Website

24 Sèvres can include computer applications from other sources on the Website which are designed to share the content of the Website with other people or to inform them of content you have consulted. This applies to the “Share” or “Like” button on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

The social media providing the application button can then identify you.

5.4 Your choices regarding cookies

Cookies may be stored on visitors’ computers’ hard drives at the time of their connection to the Website. Cookies are small data text files that are used by websites to simulate a continuous connection to that site and enhance the visitor’s browsing experience, and will be necessary for visitors to complete their purchase session on e-commerce sections of the Website.Cookies may be stored on visitors’ computers’ hard drives at the time of their connection to the Website. Cookies are small data text files that are used by websites to simulate a continuous connection to that site and enhance the visitor’s browsing experience, and will be necessary for visitors to complete their purchase session on e-commerce sections of the Website.

Visitors may set their browser to disable cookies by following the procedure as explained below.

For Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to "Tools" then "Options" menu
  • Click on the "Privacy" settings
  • Select your preferred option on the "Cookie" menu

For Microsoft Internet Explorer:

  • Go to "Tools" menu, then "Internet Options"
  • Click on "Confidentiality"
  • Select your preferred level of confidentialitySelect your preferred level of confidentiality

For Opera:

  • Go to "Files" > "Preferences"
  • Click on "Privacy"

For Android browser:

    Tap on the upper right button

    Go to "Settings" then "Privacy & security menu"

    Go to "Settings" then "Privacy & security menu"

For Dolphin Browser on Android:

  • In the Menu, go to "More" then "Settings"
  • Select the "Privacy & security settings" menu
  • Select you preferred option in the "cookies" menu

For Safari on iOS:

  • In the "Settings" app, go to "Safari" menu
  • Go to "Accept cookies" entry under "Privacy"
  • Select your preferred option

6. Use of data

24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché will not transfer or sell your personal data to any unaffiliated third parties or partners unless 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché has informed you beforehand in messages, agreements or information available on the Website or you have expressly given your consent or are required by law to do so.

If 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché is required by the law or a judge to provide personal data concerning you, 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché shall inform you thereof insofar as possible (unless 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché reasonably believes it is not authorized to do so particularly with regard to any legal or judicial obligations applicable to them).

Given current technology, in particular that generally used for telecommunications networks, 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché cannot guarantee the confidentiality, integrity or authentication of the emails you send or receive from 24 Sèvres and/or Le Bon Marché.