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Baobab Collection first saw the light of day in 2002, in the enchanting landscape of Tanzania, a country rich in intense colors and bewitching perfumes. If the collections are inspired by faraway places and wild nature, it's in Belgium where the new creations are dreamed up, a small country recognized for its creativity, know-how and minimal chic.

Baobab Collection’s candle creations are tales waiting to be discovered, sensory experiences that are the result of exquisite perfumes and aesthetic design. All of our materials are carefully selected and sourced across Europe and our candles are manufactured by the best European artisans.

Baobab Collection area at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche

Home Department, 2nd floor above La Grande Épicerie de Paris

From Monday to Saturday, from 10AM to 7.45PM.
Until 8.30PM on Thursday.
Sunday from 11AM to 7.45PM.

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The brand’s African heritage is mainly showcased in the All Seasons collection, made up of eleven colors and unique fragrances. The Pearls collection draws its name by the beauty of the precious gemstones that has been farmed in the Pacific for the past fifty years. Our other collections, refined and prestigious, will transport you to various destinations, from the pyramids of Egypt to the frontiers of China via the Steppes of Russia.

In keeping with ever-changing trends, our artistic director designs two limited edition collections every year in order to preserve a sense of wonder and surprise. We offer an exclusively handmade product, composed of high-quality materials handled by exceptional artisans. Of the five sizes, the Maxi Max stands out as a statement piece that will fit in any interior. This unique model can light up your home and diffuse its scent for up to a thousand hours.

Le Bon Marché is a space that transforms a point of sale into an art exhibition with one of a kind pieces. In keeping with that tradition, Baobab Collection has created an exclusive candle for Le Bon Marché, the result of a long-standing collaboration inspired by the store's astounding exhibition space. Available early September.

Baobab Collection calls upon new artisans and their unparalleled mastery of hand-blown glass for its Fall-Winter 2018 limited edition collection. Each color is slowly inserted into the glass as it is blown to create a material that is both opaque and transparent, similar to hard stones like marble, lapis-lazuli and agate.

Elegant and sophisticated, the Stones collection reveals a new decorative style. More than ever, these three scented candles become precious objects of decor. In order to instill this collection with a creative narrative, we have decided to depict the Stones as a sisterhood where each woman unveils her personality through a different scent. We asked the French artist Tiven to illustrate the Stones collection with amazing paintings representing the three sisters: Marble, Agate and Lazuli.

Portrait of Agate Stones by the artist Tiven

Stones scented candles - Limited edition. Available in 3 colors and 4 sizes.

Portrait of Marble Stones by the artist Tiven

Brussels Art Nouveau scented candles - Limited edition

Scented candles - Christmas edition

Brussels Art Deco scented candles - Limited edition - Exclusively at Le Bon Marché

Women & Gentlemen diffusers

Gentlemen scented candle, supports BIG association for breast cancer research

Scented candles Gentlemen - Limited edition

Baobab Collection decorates and embalms gorgeous interiors with the wisdom and spirit of a great traveller.