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Burberry is an iconic luxury British brand founded in 1856 which reveals its visionary and timeless spirit through each of its creations. This season, through revisiting its roots, the collection has been inspired from British culture of the 20th century, creating the trends of this winter.

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The trench-coat is the iconic and symbolic piece of Burberry. Created originally to protect military officers against the wind and rain, the Burberry trench coat has continued to evolve for more than 100 years to become the icon British representation of timeless and innovative design it is today.

The Burberry trench-coat is manufactured in Castleford, a town in the North of England, by experts who combine traditional and modern techniques. The creation of each coat takes about three weeks and requires more than 100 ultra-sophisticated processes to guarantee the quality. The trench is designed to be offered in several different cuts, lengths, and colours.

Collection Burberry Printemps - Été 2019