Caravane… behind this enigmatic name lies an imaginative world filled with an array of materials, colours and evocations of travel to far-flung destinations. The project of a new, cosmopolitan, timeless and stylish interior design concept came to fruition in 1995 and since then Caravane has designed and produced collections that combine artisanal know-how, audacity and modernity. Run since 2011 by Jack-Eric and Véronique Piedeleu, Caravane provides an open invitation to embark on a voyage of discovery of the art of living, in which original printed fabrics, subtle materials and warm & enveloping colours blend together in a poetic way to create interiors that are both welcoming and soothing.

Caravane's creations offer a blend of raw and precious textiles, crafted objects and unique items from horizons far and wide. Over the years, Caravane has designed and produced collections that nurture the desire to combine artisanal know-how, imagination and modernity: lighting solutions, raw steel furniture and several textile lines, such as furnishing fabric, cushions, curtains, bed linen and carpets & rugs. The atmosphere that reigns in its presentation of its collections is always simple, but the in-store décor, a genuine microcosm of ideas, is renewed regularly throughout the year and each time triggers new emotions and provides a wealth of inspiration.


  • Home department, 2nd floor of La Grande Epicerie

    From Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 8PM.
    Until 8.45PM on Thursday.
    Sunday from 11 AM to 8PM.

    +33 1 44 39 80 00

The informal elegance of Selena's soft, washed linen and its exceptionally wide range of colours offers myriad combinations within the collection and with all Caravane's bedlinens. The lightly creased aspect is voluntary, no ironing necessary!

Selena bedlinen is dyed piece by piece, in small batches.

Nestled within this package you will find your bedlinen, tenderly wrapped in a piece of fabric delicately tied using the furoshiki method.

This ancestral Japanese technique is a skilful means of folding cloth in order to wrap up gifts and other day-to-day items.

A tradition that has become a recreational art form, an ingenious craft and is indeed a genuine alternative to plastic.

Each linen square can be reused countless times: let your imagination run wild and dare to be different…

Each of these scented candles has a story to tell… close your eyes and allow yourself to be wafted away on a sensual trip wrapped up in subtle blends of delicate fragrances.

Each candle conjures up its own magical world, offering a scent of escape.

Kaolinos: floral, amber, musk Costa Apia: anise, woody, vetiver Oakalawi: woody, leathery, amber Junglador: green, fruity, musk 265G