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Founded in 2013, Sézane is the first French fashion brand born online. An avid collector from the age of 14, Morgane Sézalory decided to create Sézane - derived from her surname and first name - following the success of her vintage fashion website, « Les Composantes ».

Each month, Sézane offers unique leather goods, footwear, ready-to-wear items and accessories, driven by one obsession; to offer you the most beautiful pieces at the fairest price. We strive to constantly raise our standards, and continue by your side - writing an endless and meaningful story. To ensure that tomorrow will always be better than today.

Sézane is now present in Paris, London and New York, accompanied by a passionate team of profoundly human, joyous and caring people. Sézane creates pieces made to last, that attest to the expertise of the brand’s partner ateliers.

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Special hours
Le Bon Marché will be open from 10 am to 10 pm on Monday, April 22

L'art et la manière

At Sézane, each new season represents a shift in moods, an evolution of sorts. The opportunity to discover oneself and reinvent. Our standards are becoming more and more exacting. Great attention is paid to every detail. We scour the world to source exceptional quality materials and ateliers, to imagine eye catching prints, and pieces that last. The search is a continuation of our never ending story. The need to create, undo, recreate, without ever compromising our human touch

Paris the city where everything is possible, has always inspired Sézane. Paris of les femmes libres, Paris in velvet, checks and florals. Paris of the past, present and future. Paris, our great love, expressed through every detail. This year, autumn will become springtime, and the springtime will be eternal…... and it will be in Paris, the city of endless possibility, that we will come together once again.

Our line of leather goods « La Maroquinerie » has been at the heart Sézane since our origin as Les Composantes, and this season the story continues with reimagined « heritage » pieces - leather goods designed to grow more beautiful with time - to become companions inséparable.

Our timeless Will jacket, the ideal companion for everyday wear. A straight cut that hangs perfectly.

The Brut Sexy jeans refine your silhouette and make the most of your figure, hiding any little imperfections.

The Jack sneakers will be with us forever. A feminine sneaker designed to offer unparalleled comfort.

The Léa boots, with their minimalist lines: resolutely feminine and comfortable footwear.

The Victor bag, with its minimalist half-moon shape and perfect size... To be worn on the shoulder or across the body.

The Farrow purse, our super practical bucket bag perfect for everyday wear.

The Sézane Workshop

Sézane is nothing other than a story of life- that takes form, is tested, and reformed... A story of the men and women who help to write it. A story without end and full of meaning. Make, undo, redo, improve, become the brand we desire to be at our essence

Morgane Sézalory